Title: ITS, or the rhetoric of decay
Subtitle: (Joint statement of insurrectional groups in Mexican territory)
Author: Anonymous
Date: August 3, 2017
Source: Retrieved on August 3, 2017 from web.archive.org
Notes: From the website La Rebellion de las Palabras, critique of the excremental choir calling themselves “Eco-Extremist Mafia” – aiming at the eco-fascist and nihilist-right groupscule Individualists Tending toward the Wild (ITS), written by anarchist-insurrectionalist groups, CCF-Mexico, anonymous others in the territory of the Mexican State:

“The Tiger, in its unconquered gait, accumulates the memory and the traces of the road travelled, to stubbornly reaffirm it; unrestricted freedom that does not assure food but which a priori omits any possibility of degenerating into a herd or of assenting to grazing. Indomitable and irreducible, it confronts the most tenacious enemies. To do this it wields its instincts, taking advantage of its portentous night vision, its prodigious smell and its finely tuned ear. In its right attack: it disfigures, tears, kills and dies, to be reborn indomitable and fierce. Nothing escapes this becoming and it is exposed to the most daring hunters and the most tenacious tamers, veterinarians and circuses, taverns and altars, customs and laws, systems of thought and political institutions. Everything is shaken, torn or eliminated in this movement of which only the imagination can disern a principle but of which nothing and no one is able to decipher its objectives and its end. (…) Anarchism, conceived not as an inescapable realization but as a permanent tension embodied in an open configuration of thought and action, is also a tiger, indomitable and fierce, affected from end to end by this capricious walk into freedom.” – Gustavo Rodríguez

“Everything that we can identify as negative elements within our “space “, is also the responsibility of each of us to contribute to eliminate them. Bureaucracy, hegemony, informal hierarchies, intrigues, false friendships and false ‘comrades’ stabbing our backs have existed since the dawn of the so-called anarchist movement, because they are an intrinsic part of the human factor and our contradictions that constantly arise and are in conflict with each other. All these pathologies are due to attitudes that do not properly belong to a particular anarchist tendency but are present in all, and as long as they are not treated for what they really are, we will find them in front of us again and again.” – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire / Metropolitan Violence Cell

To the comrades in the Mexican region and the world, to the incendiaries and refractories of the planet, to the internationalists committed to a new coordination of anarchic informality:

Exactly 5 years and seven months ago we signed a “joint statement” at the request of a comrade for whom we feel great affection and respect. That text was entitled “2nd Joint Statement of the Anarchist Insurrectional and Eco-Anarchist Groups”. It was an unquestionably necessary writing given the context in which it was written and so we clarified it from the first lines:

“Coordination of the refractory struggle takes shape and spreads throughout the world. The fire and the anarchic explosion leave a mark and awaken the libertarian consciousness. From Santiago de Chile to Mexico DF, the night is lit up with gasoline and gunpowder in solidarity with our comrades held hostage. Montevideo, Lima and Portland, add to the anarchic fire. In Greece, Germany, Italy and Argentina, the loud roar of dynamite is heard. The fire spreads from Russia to Indonesia. The condemnation of the State is unanimous regardless of the ideological color of the governments on duty. The jails of the world hold hostage our fraternal brothers and sisters. With this panorama and before the extension of the anarchic struggle, attacks and slanders were to be expected from the opportunist left of Capital. Liberals, leftists and pestilent bolches, with their tongue kisses, shut up their filthy alliances in search of power, as the anarchists threatened to endanger them again; That’s why they point us out as the “public enemy number one” and hasten their onslaught. For these purposes they have no qualms about issuing orders to the State and volunteering as volunteer policemen. In the end, they do not fight to destroy the system of domination, but to transform it.”

On that occasion, we raised our voice in unison against the opportunist scum of “Saboteamos.Info”, “News of the Rebellion” and Carolina Saldaña, in defense of Individualists Tending toward the Wild (ITS). We went through the leftist verbiage that tried to present, through its communications and documentaries for the “journalistic investigation”, the drivers of the new anarchic insurrection and anti-civilization anarchism as “agents of government” and “distractor of the population to intimidate and characterize anti-systemic expressions” (sic.).

Back then, we let it be known publicly and energetically that:

“With these ITS partners, we can have theoretical differences and discuss them (always arguing fraternally in a constant attempt to update ideas and by building a unitary criticism attuned to the reality of the anarchist struggle), but we have never disagreed with the methods used, understanding anti-authoritarian violence and propaganda for the facts as they are : valid practices consistent with our ethical principles.”

Although ITS were one of the few clusters with which we did not directly coordinate when undertaking joint actions, we were in solidarity with them, in the same way that some of the comrades that made up our affinity groups obtained monetary resources for them to solve specific difficulties when requested. That has been (and is) the basis of practical co-ordination between the new anarchic insurrectionalism and eco-anarchism.

Understanding solidarity as an inseparable practice of our anarchic work. Direct solidarity cements affinities and consolidates ties, so it is a fundamental part of the offensive for total liberation.

However, while our opinion on all this leftist / populist shit (read “Saboteamos.Info”, “News of the Rebellion” and other shitty satellites) has not changed but, on the contrary, has reaffirmed and become aggravated with the passing of these years. Today it is indispensable to leave a written record of our positioning against the delirious decline of the Individualists Tending toward the Wild (Wild Reaction or Indiscriminate Group Tending toward the Wild or, Mafia Eco-Extremista or, whatever they call themselves now these eco-fascist brainworms thirsty for publicity in the means of mass alienation).

As our Greek-affiliated members of the Metropolitan Violence Cell of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire point out: “Whatever we can do to identify negative elements within our “space”, it is also the responsibility of each of us to contribute to eliminating them.”

As our comrades in Greece point out in ‘Chaotic Variables’: point out: “Bureaucracy, hegemony, informal hierarchies, intrigues, false friendships and false ‘comrades’ stabbing our backs have existed since the dawn of the so-called anarchist movement, because they are an intrinsic part of the human factor and our contradictions that constantly arise and are in conflict with each other. All these pathologies are due to attitudes that do not properly belong to a particular anarchist tendency but are present in all, and as long as they are not treated for what they really are, we will find them in front of us again and again.”

That is the case of these disastrous ones. Axiomatic fruit of this pitiful civilization that they say they want to destroy. Only in the deepest entrails of this decay can such decaying behaviors manifest themselves. It is in the sewers of this society where these pathologies are nourished and the most delirious fascistoid rhetoric takes shape. That is where these deformations are formed and the irrepressible protagonistic anxieties throw them at the reflectors.

Its roots are none other than the nauseous dung of social dysfunction. After a sad childhood and a frustrated adolescence, harassed by bullying from the cradle and traumatised from their family, they begin to channel their frustrations and all the accumulated self-hatred and project it without ethical mediations. That is the Individualists Tending toward the Wild. His misogynist discourse and his authoritarian actions are the result.

To affirm that Individualists Tending toward the Wild embarked on “a particular own way away from the original eco-anarchist approaches and keeping distance of the labels without giving up altogether to a certain air of family” as comrade Gustavo Rodriguez stated in his book ‘What lights up the night!’ (2013), today, in retrospect, seems a monumental folly. Of course, any lack of divinatory qualities does not demerit the broad theoretical work or the consistent practice of the comrade, however, we consider that it is time to make certain points: ITS undertook a totally opposite route to the fundamental principles of Anarchy, moving away from the ethics of freedom and the radical critique of power; Renouncing not only the “air of family” but everything that exalts us as anarchists. ITS have assumed a convulsive authoritarianism that, beyond its congenital mythomania and its ridiculous and unintelligible communiqués assuming responsibility for murders and feminicides of others, reveals their proto-fascist decadence.

However, this certain conclusion is not the only one that circulates in our “space”. The cowardly rumors and scurrilous murmurings of anarco-legalists (anarco-federadxs, anarco-zapaterxs, anarchopacifists, and other tribes tending to pose, in immobility, in fictitious organizations, and the gradual evolution of the species) point in a choppy voice to assign all this folly to anarchist informality and hurry to sentence the end of this trend. They challenge the rise and development of the informal anarchist tendency by arguing for the supposed “disappearance of affinity groups” and their “decomposition” and “definitive disarticulation provoked by internal quarrels and interpersonal disputes”, which (according to their limited vision and lack of reflection) has inexorably motivated the evaporation of groups and the end of the anarchic war.

Their chronic myopia does not allow them to visualize beyond their noses. Many of the affinity groups involved in the anarchic action have self-dissolved and/or have re-started under another denomination or without reference to any appellation. Various of their former members have preferred to reaffirm their individualism and have assumed the cunning of the lobx solitarix. Other groupings have definitively abandoned the acronyms, useless claims and signed propaganda, without renouncing fire and dynamite, expropriation, sabotage, executions and punctual reprisals against personages of the system of domination.

After almost 5 years of permanence, in November 2013, the Autonomous Cells of the Immediate Revolution – Práxedes G. Guerrero (CARI-PGG) dissolved as a group; The Insurrectional Cell Mariano Sánchez Añón, after a long debate in December 2013, would decide to continue its action in total anonymity; In January of 2014 Anarchist Action Anonymous (AAA) also would dissolve itself in Mexicali. Similarly, in January of that year, CCF-Mexico would conclude as that group. Which in no way meant the permanent immobility of their ex-members, much less the end of the anarchic war against all authority.

Obfuscating in obsessive organization, the anarco-legalists do not understand (nor will they ever understand) the proposals and the methodology of anarchic informality. Discussions, “interpersonal disputes” and even “internal fights” are an intrinsic part of the natural development of informality and far from being a paralyzing incapacity, are an endless source of proliferation of affinity groups and a wonderful motivation for extension of the anarchic war.

Affinity groups are not clubs, they are not based on the affective relationship of their members, they are not established from romantic relationships. A group of affinity is based on mutual knowledge, on the deepening of theory and practice, on joint experimentation, on everyday coexistence. It consolidates between five or fifteen people maximum. Once it begins to grow, difficulties arise and it is time to create a new group.

On the other hand, the informal organization as well announces, that it is first INFORMAL. So it is necessarily ephemeral and never consolidated as an ORGANIZATION itself. It is only articulated with the intention of achieving specific objectives by concentrating different groups of affinity that alone could not have coordinated a blunt attack or a direct solidarity campaign. Once their objectives are achieved, the informal organization dissolves itself to rearticulate itself again when necessary.

In appearance, this methodology, which is certainly practical and consistent with our principles, is incomprehensible to lovers of fictional organization.

On the alleged decline of the informal anarchist tendency and the supposed “disappearance of the affinity groups” it is enough to take a look at the portals of anarchist diffusion to corroborate the emergence throughout the Mexican region of a new generation of informal groupings that have joined the anarchic action giving continuity and long life to the trend. Just to mention a couple of examples, it is worth highlighting the anti-systemic conflict of the comrades of the Informal Feminist Command of Anti-Authoritarian Action and the Autonomous Group of Sabotage Salvador Olmos García. Undoubtedly, we will have much to think about methodology and the aim of anarchic war. We will have to exchange ideas and practices and enrich the praxis by directing our steps towards the consolidation of a new anarchic paradigm that responds to the peculiarities of the war against domination in the 21st century. And, of course, we are likely to have new discussions, interpersonal disputes and even fights, but we are sure that these apparent “setbacks” will widen the path and strengthen the indomitable refractory struggle. As comrade Gustavo reminds us: “Anarchism, conceived not as an inescapable realization but as permanent tension embodied in an open configuration of thought and action, is also a tiger, indomitable and fierce, affected from end to end by its capricious walk into freedom”. Let nothing escape our sure claw.

Solidarity with the comrades imprisoned for expropriations in Germany!

Solidarity with the compañerxs Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar!

Solidarity with the comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire abducted by the Greek State!

Solidarity with all our brothers and sisters imprisoned in Mexico, Chile and the world!

For the destruction of all that dominates us!

For the Black International!

For Anarchy!

Living on the war-footing!

Former members of Anonymous Action Anarchist (AAA)
Former members of the CCF [Mexico]
Former members of the Insurrectional Cell Mariano Sánchez Añón
Anarchic individualities and lobxs solitarixs

Mexico, Planet Earth, on July 12, 2017