Title: Arab Spring: Failed Revolution?
Date: 2021, Spring
Source: Scanned from Anarcho-Syndicalist Review #82, Spring, 2021, page 8

(Excerpted from Tunisian Anarchist Union)

It seems as if there is a predetermined pattern or a pre-equipped program for all the so-called [Arab Spring revolutions], demonstrations against a corrupt and decaying old authority, suppressed by the regime's police forces, the army intervenes to stop the repression after a while and declares itself a neutral force outside the regime and rule among the political forces...

In all the Arab Spring revolutions,...the Islamists always end up handing over power to the former regime...and the revolutionary movement ends in a worse economic and political situation...

These were not revolutions, but rather limited uprisings resulting from the restlessness of the middle class...These revolutions lacked any real class dimension or even a biased economic program for the poorer classes, and lacked the courage to depart from obeying the state...Phis is] not what we anarchists are fighting for.

We do not underestimate its value as a school to train the street and the masses, and an instrument to expose and expose the entire state system, but we believe and strive for a class revolution by masses of hard-working people in order to destroy the authority of the state and give power and wealth for real hard-working people.