Title: End the Deportations!
Subtitle: (Statement by the Utopian Tendency)
Date: 2017
Source: Retrieved on 11th August 2021 from utopianmag.com
Notes: Published in The Utopian 16.4.

Support families under attack!

Assist families to develop personal “disaster plans”, including getting documents together, getting dual citizenship and passports for their kids when they can, training everyone in the family about what to do if confronted with an ICE agent at home or in public, having emergency numbers programmed into their phones, etc.

End the raids!

Take the initiative in coordinating defense cohorts of people committed to being part of a red flag twitter (or Facebook) social media feed, so that as many non-vulnerable people as possible show up at any ICE raid to take pictures, document, share, support, disrupt. This includes efforts to coordinate with other “sanctuary sites” such as schools, churches and health care agencies. Officially designate such sites as sanctuary zones.

Strengthen immigrant organizations!

Strengthen immigrant organizations, encouraging them to publish position statements and use their resources to keep people informed and mobilize them to action. There are many farmworker organizations, hometown associations, clubs and other immigrant institutions which have not necessarily been active in the past immigration reform struggles, but who should be approached for collaboration.

Amnesty and full citizenship for all! For an open border!

Encourage and actively participate in the developing national day of action for May 1. Despite personal fear and uncertainty, a large, vocal, coordinated national day of immigrant rights activities would provide a powerful message and avenue for advancing the movement.

Build a mass movement! Unite the movement!

The immigrant rights movement should actively seek to collaborate with other progressive forces--the health care for all movement, the environmental movement, Black Lives Matters, LGBT movement as a mutually supportive movement of resisters.