Title: Retaliate Against Alex Jones’ Treacherous Psychological Warfare!
Author: Rocktown Rebel
Date: September 30, 2009
Source: Retrieved on November 22, 2009 from rocktownrebel.wordpress.com

An insult to one is an injury to all!

On occasion, this blog will be compelled to comment on events that occur outside of our corner of the “prison planet”, this is one of those occasions.

We have it on good knowledge that amongst the several hundred anarchists present at Pittsburgh this past weekend were at least two Virginians. Two individuals who we the authors have been personally acquainted with in the past. Neither of these individuals were natives of the Blue Ridge area, and thus had no reason to inject themselves with unbridled loyalty and commitment into the local political struggles of the region, sacrificing time, money, energy, and safety to help their friends and neighbors. Yet they did so anyway at every opportunity, acting out of genuine camaraderie and the unrelenting sway of their ethical compasses.

These two individuals, like the majority of the g-20 disruptors in Pittsburgh last weekend, are anarchists. They were among those who put their bodies on the front-lines in New Orleans after Katrina, when the public authorities “were too busy cleaning up the tourist areas of the French Quarter and protecting shops to help the poorer city dwellers”. They were among those who worked year after year anonymously scaffolding virtually every libertarian project in the Blue Ridge, and, unlike other local activists, never cashed in, never sought prominence, celebrity, the spotlight of book-signing tours and self-aggrandizing Internet communiques. And in Pittsburgh, they were among the brave souls bombarded with the technocracy’s chemical and sound weapons for standing up, for refusing to allow business-as-usual to operate.

That these comrades of ours, and the hundreds like them, would be subject to the most obscene of slanders by those media agents who proclaim with great vigor to speak on behalf of Obama’s “free market”, of the global world order; this is of utterly no surprise. When self-appointed activist leaders, such as Alex Jones, stab in the backs the working-class grunts who make possible the mass-movements they parasitize off of, out of no motivation other than sheer cynicism and opportunism, to create a publicity stunt to generate more interest in their bankrupt channels of official dissent, when this happens the waters become murkier. Ambiguity and uncertainty are exploited, manipulated, and above all expanded and proliferated. The wells of communication are poisoned. And for what?

We will not degrade ourselves, stooping down to the level of dogs, by pedantically correcting every egregious factual error in the article entitled “Provocateur Cops Caught Disguised As Anarchists At G20″ on Alex Jones’ “Prison Planet” website[1]. We leave this to the myriad other anarchist bloggers who have already jumped at the opportunity to volunteer with such an endeavor.

This is the same news service, after all, that, forgoing an opportunity for rational analysis of the situation, reported that Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung-Hui was a “Mind Controlled Assassin”[2] on the flimsiest of evidence; the fact that Mr. Seung-Hui, like many of his fellow-workers, was on anti-depressant pharmaceutical drugs, and a photograph[3] of an East-Asian man, who may or may not be Mr. Seung-Hui, posing in marine fatigues, available for a reasonable price at any military surplus store.

This is where we, as rednecks, as Virginia patriots, as workers of the world, come from when we denounce Alex Jones. Cho Seung-Hui, fellow Virginian, fellow worker, was not a “mind controlled assassin”, but a sad, lonely individual who was driven to senseless and malicious violence by a lifetime of sexual abuse, racial harassment, institutionalized marginalization, and social isolation. His victims, all fellow Virginians, all fellow workers, were not martyred by a grand sinister conspiracy, but by the senseless and chaotic cluster-fuck known as life under capitalism. In the face of a calamity that rippled through our communities like a shock-wave, Jones’ cronies rushed to the presses with the most sensationalistic lie their imaginations could innovate, with the sole purpose of capitalizing off of our suffering.

This alone is enough to denounce Alex Jones, to discredit him entirely as a source of factual journalism. Yet it’s far from the extent of Jones & co.’s crimes:

  • In the face of courageous proletarian mass-uprisings in ‘05, Jones penned a piece entitled French Riots: Plan Engineered by Globalists[4], a racist tirade which claimed that “the mainly Algerian Muslims causing the chaos hate the country that has afforded them a greater living standard than their birthplace ever could”, and that “the melting pot of multiculturalism does not work, it has never worked and it was never intended to work. The Algerians in France do not want to be part of the Western fabric because they fundamentally hate it to its very core. This is not helped by promotion of decadent and hedonistic lifestyles pumped out from every cultural and media orifice.”

  • Time after time, Alex Jones has pushed the white nationalist line on U.S.-Mexican immigration, siding with the Minutemen over anti-fascists, featuring Lou Dobbs[5] and other “MSM” anti-immigrant gate-keepers on his website, claiming that “the elite are using the enraged Mexican mobs as a weapon of conquest to slit America’s throat and sacrifice its sovereignty on the altar of globalism” as well as implement a “blueprint for race-based genocide directed against blacks and whites in America” in order to turn the U.S. into “a third world cesspit”[6], falsely claiming in order to generate white supremacist angst and terror that the sell-outs and bureaucrats at La Raza are “reconquista” radicals[7], updating his website with headlines such as “Illegals targeted South Carolina sheriff as gang-initiation”[8], and so on. (Rest assured, we at Rocktown Rebel are playing the world’s smallest violin for the South Carolina sheriff)

  • Alex Jones charges $1500 a month for advertising on his various websites. Among his past clientele include “Scriptures for America”,[9] an organization headed by notorious “Christian Identity” pastor Pete Peters, who once asked, rhetorically: “Is there a Jewish conspiracy against America? Do Jews control America’s media? Do Jews have a death grip on America’s government? [...] Do Jews prevent a free press in America? Are Jews against freedom in America? Do Jews want total people control? Are Jews liars? Do Jews want to put America under tyranny? Must Jews leave America if America is to survive?”[10] Book titles available on the Scriptures for America online catalog include Martin Luther King, Jr.: His Dream, Our Nightmare, Death Penalty for Homosexuals is Prescribed in the Bible, Interracial Marriage — Right or Wrong?, My Personal Experience with Jewish Power, and Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel’s The Six Million Holocaust.

  • On one episode of his radio show, a caller stated “It it is incorrect to call a modern day Jew an Israelite. They are not Israelites, they are ‘Israe-Lies’. [...] The ‘true Israel’ is ‘ the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic and kindred people, commonly called the white race, which has been demonized.” Alex concurred, explaining that it’s “true that about 80–85[%] [...] of Jewish people are Khazarian”, and that “80% of Jews are a mix of Germanic and Asian, whereas your mainline Semitic Arabs are a mix of Negro, Caucasian, and Asian”, going on to explain that ” you have the Caucasoids, the Negroids, the Asians, and those are your three major groups”.[11]

  • Other featured on Jones’ various websites include “6-Year-Old Boy Raised By Homosexuals Wants to Kill Himself”,[12] “Playboy and the (Homo) Sexual Revolution”,[13] and “Unmentionable Vice [referring to homosexuality] Goes Mainstream”.[14]

  • Jones has professional relationships with Holocaust denier Mike “whatreallyhappened.com” Rivero and anti-Semitic fascist pastor Texe Marrs[15]

  • Jones is able to afford to live in an affluent Austin suburb[16] due to his sale of overpriced Infowars and Prison Planet DVDs, T-shirts, baseball caps, bracelets, and other mass-produced merchandise. (As the blog we stole this from put it, “there’s a war on...for your wallet!”)

  • Jones co-operated with an FBI subpoena for a list of InfoWars readers’ IP addresses after a Roanoke man used his site to threaten police officers. Jones explained that he’s “not [...] happily handing over peoples’ IP addresses” but that threatening law enforcement “isn’t a joke”.[17]

All this creates a context for Jones & co.’s latest deception. That context is psychological warfare against the libertarian left by parasitic right-wing third positionists who advocate anti-Semitism, racialist nationalism, schizophrenic masonic/Illuminati conspiracy theories, anti-feminism, and totalitarian-minded moral crusades, whose leaders sell this madness and disinformation to live comfortably as others starve. Far too long has this incessant milieu slandered us from afar, while infiltrating us and recruiting our ranks from within. Too much amnesty has been given within our camp to Jones and his accomplices, as if they were some lesser force of fascism in comparison to the Identity militias, the Klan, the skinheads, the Minutemen. At the forefront of our vision now stands this unavoidable fact: the only difference between Jones & co. and these other forces of fascism is a more pronounced aura of tact and sophistication on the part of the former.


  • We must retaliate against Alex Jones & co. by sapping their life-force : the deceived and misguided masses who stand behind them. We must all the same sneaky tricks — infiltration, tact, subterfuge — in winning their ranks over as has been done to us by them in the recent past.

  • We must retaliate against Alex Jones & co. by doing anything within our capabilities of preventing their lies and slander from being further propagated.

  • We must retaliate against Alex Jones & co. by no longer allowing them to politically operate in our local communities on any level. (This point is of especial relevance to our Texan comrades)

  • Finally, we must never allow the capitalist journalists and activist-bureaucrat leaders, such as those present during the confrontation in Pittsburgh, (Jones, Shehan, the Daily Show, et. al) to walk amongst our ranks without ridicule and vocal denunciation.


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