Title: The Master Race
Author: Rob los Ricos
Date: Summer 2005
Source: Retrieved on 12 September 2018 from http://greenanarchy.anarchyplanet.org/files/2012/05/greenanarchy20.pdf
Notes: from Green Anarchy #20, Summer 2005

Race:...2. A group of people united by a common history, nationality or tradition.

The American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd Edition

The one thing that all civilizations have in common, their very defining characteristic, is the creation of wealth and privilege for a ruling elite. Regimes may come and go, but the structure is never more than slightly modified. Elitism is preserved as the sole focus of civilized societies, no matter who is in charge.

The ruling elite of the New World Order is not made up of any ethnically “pure” people. People of all ethnic groups are allowed – encouraged, even – to fight their way into the inner circle, provided they are ruthless and cunning enough, and that they don’t present a challenge to institutionalized elitism.

The lives of the wealthy and privileged are so dissimilar to those of the poorer members of industrial societies, they constitute a distinct race. The oppression of civilization’s have-nots by the master race can therefore be accurately described as racism. This racism is the cornerstone upon which western civilization was built. It permeates every facet of the West’s social fabric, so that everything which occurs everyday reinforces the domination of the world and its various peoples by a tiny minority. The master race uses their wealth and power to perpetuate racism.

Basing racial critique on skin color and ethnic heritage doesn’t grasp the totality of racism. If one equates being “white” with being part of the master race, then how does one explain away the generations of Euro-Americans who have nothing but contempt for banks, corporations and governments and are being warehoused in US prisons? Who is “whiter”, according to the theory of skin privilege: the typical rural American outlaw, or Clarence Thomas? Who has more power in this country, the leader of the KKK or Condaleeza Rice?

There may well be more “people of color” among the global elite than there are “white” people. Skin color is not relevant to the racism that dominates us.

What the master race has in common is that they have received a Western education and they do business with Western banks, for the benefit of Western interests. It’s not ethnicity that makes one part of the master race, it’s loyalty and service to Western institutions that grants one a pass into the upper echelons of Western civilization.

(Eco-feminists in south Asia, among others, have pointed out that most of the powerful and wealthy nations are in the northern hemisphere, so in deference to their analysis, from here on, I’ll refer to the colonial, imperialist nations of old as the North. Also, I’ll refer to the master race as “whitey”, in order to keep the discussion in somewhat familiar terms. And also because it’s fun.)

After pummeling one another for a millennium, the northern nations discovered distant lands inhabited by a wide variety of peoples who shared one thing in common: their societies were not devoted to developing more efficient methods to slaughter their neighbors. I’m not suggesting that warfare was unknown outside the North. I am, however, observing that most peoples had other things to do besides scheming up easier ways to massacre their neighbors.

The northerners, on the other hand, were so adept at wholesale slaughter, Christopher Columbus salivated at the thought that his armored, heavily armed sailors could readily subdue the Arawak and Carib peoples he encountered on the islands he stumbled upon. He wrote to the Spanish monarchs that these easy living peoples could easily be forced to “accept our ways.”

It wasn’t enough to massacre, rape and plunder these other peoples. Their cultures were to be obliterated and the unlucky survivors forced to live in a manner acceptable to their conquerors. This was the original shock and awe campaign.

The peoples conquered by the invading northerners were forced to convert to Christianity, but more importantly were also forced to labor at the creation of wealth for their conquerors.

Diseases, wars and forced labor killed off an incredible, incalculable number of indigenous peoples wherever the invading northerners asserted their military superiority. It’s no wonder, then, that most of the survivors came to emulate their conquerors. To many, the choice was to either adopt the alien civilization or face extermination. This is still the false choice presented to all of us on a daily basis: work or starve. The choice is false because it is actually a threat. The effectiveness of the threat has not diminished over time. However, it is not really a threat so much as it is a ruse. Because all of us have been forcibly absorbed into civilization, we have come to accept such ruses as truisms. “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” we all know. How many of us, when confronted by such cliches immediately remind ourselves, “No, but fruit does!” Who needs money, when food is readily available, everywhere?

This brings up the question of private property, a concept outside of most human societies throughout our existence. How can a person own a forest, a mountain or a valley? The very idea is absurd. Land is timeless. Human’s mightiest civilizations are fleeting.

Yet, here we are in the 21st century, and the work-or-starve ethic has spread to every land on the planet. And, grotesquely enough, few people can even question the sanity, much less the ethics, of the equation. Why is that? Why must everyone on the planet have to live according to one all-encompassing, suicidal social dictum? Racism, that’s why.

Not a racism based on ethnic or geographic characteristics, but a racism which presents one and only one worldview as acceptable, and obliterates everything that could potentially challenge it’s apparent omnipotence. In a world where Whitey has conquered over all, Whiteyism reigns supreme. Whitey doesn’t rule because Whitey’s ways are inherently superior to other People’s lifeways. Whitey rules because everywhere Whitey goes, the local population is infected with Whiteyism. The various Peoples begin to see the world through Whitey vision. They rebuild their societies to accommodate Whitey’s objectives. We all learn to think, act and live like Whitey. Once a society is infected with Whiteyism, everyone in that society wants to be Whitey. And the Whitey wannabes will not tolerate anyone escaping Whitey’s grasp.

The clearest example is that of West Papua. Many peoples there – stone-age living hunters, fishers, foragers and herders – have made it clear that they have no desire to give up their cultures and become Whiteys. They want no part of nation-states or “economic development.” They want Whitey to leave them alone. Sadly, the Whitey Indonesian government desires to develop West Papua for Whitey reasons. And the tribal Peoples there, with their incredible diversity of languages, stories and wisdom, will either accept Whitey’s ways or they will be slaughtered. This is happening now.

So, where are the protestations about the racism so explicit in this genocide? Instead, there are only mild disputes about how to spread Whiteyism to the Peoples of West Papua. The kinder, gentler Whiteys wish for the West Papuan Peoples to be allowed a voice in how they become Whiteys, behind such catch phrases as “sustainable development”. But almost no one outside West Papua demands that these Peoples be allowed to live outside the realm of Whiteyism. And just try to argue that the West Papuans be left alone. Then, all the familiar Whitey attitudes come to the fore: “These people are ignorant savages”, “They need education and health care”, “They need...” this and they need that. What almost everyone in Whiteyland needs or wants is for these Peoples to be subdued and Whitey-washed, just as they were! There can be no escape from Whiteyism – everyone must be assimilated. If not, it points out how complicit the rest of us are in upholding and reinforcing Whiteyism. Few people in Whiteyland want out of Whitey’s grasp. Mostly, they want what Whitey’s got.

People emulate Whitey and fight one another for a greater share of Whitey’s plunder. Whitey’s wealth was stolen from lands and Peoples all over the world, and Whitey’s been doing this for over half a millennium, with no end in sight.

That’s why Whitey has vast stores of wealth hidden away, and why all the poor, under-developed countries are in debt to their conquerors. It’s a pretty good racket, isn’t it? Take away all the natural resources from some people, then loan or sell it back to them at a hefty profit. It makes me sick just to think of it. It makes me even sicker that so few people see this extortion, this crime against humanity, for what it is, and do all they can to stop it.

Instead, almost everyone in Whitey’s domain devotes their entire existence to keeping Whitey in power. And, if called upon, most people would destroy anyone or anything standing in the way of Whitey’s profit lust. Just to earn themselves a share of Whitey’s wealth.

Not one so-called opposition group in the North stands against Whiteyism. Instead, they all – feminists, marxists, syndicalists, ethnic nationalists, liberals, religious fundamentalists – bicker over who gets dibs on Whitey’s privileges. The clamor and competition to prove themselves worthy of Whitey’s favors is disgusting.

We all know how humiliating work is. How employment grinds us down, takes away our lives, leaves us numb and drives us insane because it does not fulfill our lives at any level that matters: spiritually, existentially, passionately, lovingly.

But still we serve Whitey’s will, because doing otherwise entails risk, hardship and extreme danger. We cower at our jobs in order to keep a paycheck coming. This is Whitey’s way of bestowing blessings on us. Whitey rewards the devout with money, the adept with credit. Every time we purchase anything, we are casting a vote for Whitey’s continued reign. Every paycheck cashed is an act of devotion to Whitey. Every day we report to our jobs or schools, we demonstrate our faith that Whitey will still be in charge in the future, a future we are actively creating, according to Whitey’s wishes.

Got a credit card? Then congratulations! You are a card-carrying Whitey. That piece of plastic is nothing but toxic waste anywhere Whitey’s rule is not firmly established. Your credit rating is the measure of your Whiteyness: the more important one is to Whitey, the higher the credit rating. Credit cards, paychecks and cash are worthless to the Peoples of West Papua. Whitey has not conquered them. And until we cast off the intellectual, religious, and social chains that bind us to Whitey, Whitey will continue to rule over us. This is not an impossible task. We can do this, but it will take real, determined struggle. We’ll have to endure hardship, face danger, suffer great pain, to rid ourselves of Whiteydom. This is not something that can be done quickly and without sacrifice, or in one’s spare time. To tear down Whitey will take nothing less than the complete commitment of our existences.

If we don’t withdraw our live’s energies from Whitey, we’ll end up doing as so many generations before us have – sacrificing our lives to Whitey.

No amount of Whitey’s wealth is worth one minute of your life. Do you doubt that? If so, let me know if you ever succeed in buying one back.