Title: Revolt — a South African anarchist paper from 1992
Subtitle: A short lived South African anarchist paper
Author: Revolt
Date: 1992
Source: Retrieved on 6th August 2021 from www.struggle.ws




Society is divided into classes based on wealth and power. The ruling class, who are generally supported by the “middle classes”, and the working class. Such a society is the cause of all the problems experienced by working class people the whole world over. This can only be solved by the destruction of the ruling class by the working class ... this is class war.

Real change can only come through working class people organising themselves to deal with the problems they experience, using direct action against the individuals and institutions responsible for them ... there is no alternative. Violence is a necessary part of the class war, but only as mass class violence not elitist terrorist actions. The law is merely a weapon of the ruling class and must be broken when the need arises.

The ruling class divides us by getting us to fight each other on the basis of stupid things like race, sex, sexual preference or age. We will destroy these barriers.


  1. A permanent end to the State

    • we stand for the smashing of all states regardless of ideology

    • the purpose of government is to maintain and regulate al forms of domination

    • the state can never be democratic or progressive

    • we believe that people can organise their own lives and communities and take care of any useful functions for which people now rely on the state

  2. An end to capitalism

    • capitalism is a major form of class domination and exploitation

    • it makes no difference whether the economy is under state control (nationalisation) or private control (privatisation) ... the system remains

  3. We are anti-racist, anti-sexist and believe in direct democracy

  4. We believe in ecology

    • all forms of life are interconnected and all forms of life (human and non human animals) should be respected and have a dignified existence

    • ecological destruction of the planet threatens us all

    • it results from the systems of social injustices, like capitalism, state control and racism

    • an anarchist society must be ecological and vice versa

  5. No vanguard party

    • revolution can only be made by the workers themselves and under their own control

    • any “revolutionary party” which claims the right to lead and direct the revolution only reintroduces authoritarianism under another guise and provides the basis for a new ruling class