Title: Quick thoughts on Kanye’s Nazi shit
Subtitle: This Nazi Shit Ain’t Mental Health
Author: nakam
Date: December 2, 2022
Source: Retrieved on 15 February 2023 from immerautonom.noblogs.org/quick-thoughts-on-kanyes-nazi-shit

Really sucks Ye ain’t coming back. He’s dead to me, as an artist. And it sucks, I absolutely love a ton of his music. I am on record defending him as, at various times, the best mainstream hip hop producer in the industry, and as a visionary artist. That was all true and I stand by every word of it. He’s fallen a long fuckin way from the “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” days.

But this Nazi shit ain’t mental health. It’s Nazi shit, and everyone who isn’t a Nazi should care about it. He’s stirring up Judenhass, yeah, but like, all forms of bigotry work together. Judenhass recapitulates and reinforces anti-Blackness, recapitulates and reinforces misogyny, recapitulates and reinforces Islamophobia, recapitulates and reinforces homophobia and transphobia…

It’s all part of the same fractal system of oppression, this hell of cisphallocentric white supremacist patriarchy. Queer, particularly trans, Jews of color are going to be hit the hardest by his particular antics, but when you sell ammo to Nazis you don’t get to be surprised when the Nazis start shooting other Black people, too. Even the Black people who aren’t Jewish. That’s what Nazis do.

The leopards don’t care whose faces they eat.