The Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI) is a federal group. That is, it is free, based on equality and solidarity between the affinity groups of which it is made. Its purpose is to provide an effective coordination between the different anarchist groups of Spain and Portugal, so that it is possible to organise a social revolution which, abolishing private property and waged labour, can establish a new society based on anarchist communism. It strives for an order without imposition, without government, without authority of any kind and without exploitation. An order based upon the freedom of every human being, based on social equality, on free agreement, on mutual aid and on solidarity.

It is a coherent organisation, and therefore it is internationalist. FAI understands that a social revolution in Spain and Portugal must be part of an anarchist global revolution. Opposing every kind of nationalism, colonialism or imperialism, FAI, which is a member of IFA since its foundation supports a practical solidarity between the exploited classes, the poor and governed of the whole world, as part of a revolutionary struggle striving for the destruction of capitalism and the abolition of national borders. Its broader aim is a free federation of the different communities, peoples and regions of the world.

FAI fights the state in all its shapes (monarchy, republic, representative or popular democracy, dictatorships of any kinds..). For the federation only the disappearance of the oppressors by the action of the oppressed, and of the state by those governed, will bring about the liberation of the human kind.

It fights for an anarchist society to be brought about only through anarchist means, through direct action and not by any political mean, reformist or through laws.

The federation can not be legalised and can not be part of an institution. Its action is only based upon the capacity of its members, on international anarchist solidarity and the freedoms conquered. FAI won’t dwell on the grounds of given « freedoms », regulated by the state, and it does not enter into any kind of agreement with institutions, whether of a political or religious nature.

In agreement with this practice, which questions the metaphysical or religious principle of authority upon which the slavery of the individuals is based, the federation states to be rationalist and atheist : it will oppose religion in all its forms.

Accordingly to these rationalist ideas and against religion, the federation fights for a new social environment based on individual freedom and aiming at the total development of every human being. It also considers, on the other hand, that this individual development is not a separate issue from the social question, and that therefore it is only possible in the free society which is sought.

The FAI opposes the official and bureaucratic unions, as they thwart the development of the worker’s direct action and try to contain the social struggle inside democratic legality, while aiming at making of the proletariat a piece or tamed component of democratic capitalism.

FAI refuses any cooperation with individuals, groups or associations, which call themselves libertarians, but which take part in institutions of the status quo, which try to transform the libertarian movement in just another part of the democratic society, as it understands that their attitude goes against anarchism. It only supports those who actively and consequently refuse power under any guise. Through a work of specifically anarchist propaganda, of the peaceful constructive example and the intervention in different social movements against the many realities of state and capitalist usurpation, the FAI fights for the creation of an insurgent movement, which questions the whole of the authoritarian society. Its way is direct action, considered in its widest and most dynamical, constructive and revolutionary shape.