At the moment there is not an anarchist federation in the german speaking countries. It’s just a forum, or meeting space of german speaking anarchists (FdA) which is composed of some groups and individuals. The FdA was bo rn out of the Initiative for an A narchist Federation in German y (I-AFD), created in 1989 a nd which joined IFA. In order to keep its international contacts the I-AFD became FdA in 200, following the important crisis which its joining IFA had brought about. But inspired by an IFA meeting held at Manheim in 2003 the comrades of the Rhin-Neckar region and from the Palatinate went on to create the Anarchist Federation of the Rhin-Neckar-Palatinat (AFRNP) which did then join the FdA.

The FdA, as well as focusing on the international contacts struggles for the building of a german speaking federa tion. In the meanwhile, an ac tive network of local anarchist gr oups, organised in regional federa tions as building blocks of such an anarchist federation, is still lacking. Regretfully, there are not that many groups defining themselves as anarchists, and there is only a regional federation in the german speaking areas. It is therefore necessary that the german speaking anarchists start forming these structures. Until now, they have been involved in movements confronting a single enemy at a time: fascism, racism, patriarchy, atomic energy, war, repression, etc.

In July 2005, the FdA met at Cologne, and some new members were accepted in its ranks. In august 2005 the FdA members took part in different activities in anarchist camps in Germany and Switzerland, and have presented the FdA to those taking part in this camps. In these occasions we have got in touch with other anarchists from germany, Austria and Switzerland, who are interested in joining the FdA.

We are confident on being able to progress towards the organization of the anarchist movement in the german speaking areas in the following years.

Das Forum Deutschsprachiger Anarchistinnen und Anarchisten (FdA)