Title: In Gaza like elsewhere...
Author: Anonymous
Date: 2009
Source: Retrieved on July 27, 2009 from www.non-fides.fr
Notes: Poster found on the walls of numerous cities in France and Belgium, January 2009

Desert the wars of the state and the powerful, refuse the war between the poor!

Let’s arm ourselves against the nationalistic, democratic and religious manipulations!

Attack here and now all that which keeps us enslaved!

From Gaza in Palestine to Nasiriyah in Iraq, from the Kivu region in the Congo to Grozny in Chechnya, the massacres of thousands of human beings take place on a daily basis. This capitalist and authoritarian system, under the varied disguises it uses throughout the four corners of the world, devastates whole areas through famine, deprivation, pollution, war. Whether they serve to tie down the workforce or deport workers, camps are by now the condition of life for millions of people: refugee camps, “free zones”, deportation centres, shanty towns...

Like in Gaza: this camp which is bombed and surrounded by the Israeli army, dominated by religious and nationalist authorities, subjected to misery and despair. To oppose the Isreali state’s terror with a logic of war against a whole “people” serves only to make the rejected of Gaza and the exploited of Tel Aviv forget that they have but one chance to bail out and pull through: the fight against all authority, whether it be that of the Israeli soldier’s or Palestinian policeman’s uniform, or that of the religious leader’s camisole (that old enemy of freedom), or that of the suits of democratic capitalists and usurers who, within the camps and elsewhere, speculate on the misery.

Like in Chechnya, where amongst the ruins caused by the Russian army’s bombardments, a regime of warlords adds to the terror of the Russian state.

Like in the Congo, where the hunger-stricken work in the precious metal mines with capitalism’s advanced technologies and die in conditions of slavery. These same miners and their families are massacred with guns and machetes by armies (both official and unofficial ones) fighting to guarantee the profits of their masters. While the Belgian banks finance the two rival parties in order to lower the costs of production.

In Europe, with another intensity but following the same logic, thousands of undesirables are swept off the streets, jailed and deported according to the needs of the economy or the needs regarding social control. Thousands of people perish at their workplace or due to the consequences of exploitation (cancer, depression, etc). In the neighbourhoods, where conditions get tougher and tougher, there are only cops who beat and assassinate; but there is also the ever stronger expansion of the war between the poor. The logic of competition reigns, embodied through the various religious, nationalist or mafia rackets: ripping off, selling drugs, allying oneself with the first gang leader to come along in order to better survive in the capitalist jungle where rape and other brutalities are an integral part of the misery which makes this world unbearable.

In this world it is in the interests of the powerful and of the exploiters to have a civil war exploding everywhere... This war between the poor suits them very well, because it helps to make us forget that another war is possible: the one against this world of cash and authority, the one for everyone’s freedom.

It is urgent to contrast the war between states, between religions, between ethnic groups, with the social war against all exploitation and all domination.