Fascism is Death, Death to Fascism

Fascism is a murderous ideology. Its culmination is genocide, and its siren song draws in those ready to tear society into two parts: the chosen few — destined to rule, and the undesirables — who must be eradicated one way or another.

An AntiFascist is someone who knows that Fascist scapegoating will never end, and that, even if they WERE to hypothetically do away with whatever “sinister” group is destroying their once proud nation/race, it will never be enough to satiate them. Fascism is never stable; it must always have an “other” to rally against. There is no such thing as “peace” for the Fascist, there is only war against an ever-shifting, ever-recurring enemy, forever.

An AntiFascist is willing to fight back against this bleak world-view of bigotry and artificial division, and for the chance of a better world.

This will inevitably infuriate a Fascist, because it runs counter to their Social Darwinistic mindset. And their response will be fury, terror, and stochastic violence. Anything to silence the resistance to their myopic vision of reality.

The outsider group MUST demeaned, be brutalized, subjugated, humiliated, victimized, and disposed of. In their mind, it demonstrates their strength and superiority. This violence is not just a small part of what a Fascist does, it is the whole point.

And the violence Fascism brings is total.

It manifests everywhere, from concrete things, like jackboots and fists, to intangible forces subjugating us in more subtle ways, like xenophobia, misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism. It will limit our freedom of expression to ultra-nationalism, socially-prescribed roles/duties, and idolizing leaders who will live exciting, dynamic lives, while our own are made gray or stolen from us.

Fuck all of that.

An AntiFascist knows that such a pestilence cannot be allowed to spread. Camus wrote “The Plague” as an allegory for Fascism, and the protagonist of said book was a doctor. Likewise, an AntiFascist is a healer — or, maybe more appropriately, a surgeon. Someone who cuts out the malignancy before it can spread further.

It is here where we must talk about how to counter the violence that Fascism brings. And that is with force. Violent force, if necessary.

This violence is inherently defensive in nature, however, and its intent is to save human lives. An AntiFascist understands that violence is an ugly but unfortunate reality — something we must judiciously use, and only when needed.

“We pick up the gun, to put down the gun.”

Or, to put it another way — to stop oppression, it resist it, and that resistance may be violent, but is never the point — it is merely self-defense. And there is nothing to defend oneself against, what is necessary to the violence itself as such, once need is there of violence? An AntiFascist doesn’t seek a life of perpetual war, an AntiFascist wants to live!

An AntiFascist is driven by love of their friends, a global solidarity, their own vibrant communities, the potential of a liberated world, and a desire to see the end of oppression.

All these things are antithetical to the Fascist program of war, domination, and inequality.

And this is why Fascism must be opposed — it spells the death of freedom, and smothers the possibility of hope. There is no country, after embracing Fascism, that has avoided being turned into a slaughterhouse.

Fascism, then, must be made as undesirable as possible. It is an idea — something that can be dropped, abandoned. And as for the individual Fascists themselves, they can either fade into obscurity, knowing that the AntiFascists will be here to stop them, or they can work diligently to pull more people out of this death cult — (it is no accident that the Nazis adorned themselves with skulls).

People will, of course, voice objections to everyday people and radicals opposing the Fascists, saying: “There’s the courts, the law, the police! Our leaders will do something about this, I’m sure of it! And we, as civilians, should respect their opinions, and defeat them in the marketplace of ideas!”

As though the police, the courts, and the politicians don’t regularly side with the Fascists. It is a Three Way Fight, but those in power would rather turn all of society into a massive coliseum for the Fascists to play their gladiatorial games, than allow a truly liberatory politic to flourish. And the marketplace of ideas? Fascism never remains a mere idle concept — it will incarnate itself into physical reality. An ideology that demands the enemy to be destroyed and the weak to be culled will never remain just an “idea” to be debated, but a programme to implement.

This why an AntiFascist must oppose them at every opportunity. Bodies pile up when Fascism is allowed to spread. And we cannot trust our institutions and political “representatives,” who actively collude with them, to do anything meaningful about it. (And, lest we forget, there’s no “rehabilitation” for us, should the Fascists prevail. History has shown us what they do with their political opponents.)

We are all we got. We protect us.

So resist them everywhere, drive them away, make them afraid to come into your city, deny them their spaces, disrupt their speaking events, find their names and spread them far and wide.

When they come to attack your loved ones and community members, show up, punch back, rout them, make them cancel or relocate every gathering, embarrass them at every turn.

Drive them to the brink, notify their employer, have their family disown them, their partners abandon them, their children ashamed to the point where they change their last names and they never return their calls.

Outlast them till their numbers drop to single digits, and still harass them til their dying day, deny them any semblance of peace, and have them rue the day they embraced this shit belief-system.

Fight the bastards with all you got, give them hell, and let it be known that Fascism, the ideology of mass graves, will be the only thing sent into oblivion.


Easy to tear out for and quick keep in your reference!


An AntiFascist Guide To Mischief: What To Do When There’s “Nothing” To Do

By Anonymous

When the toe to toe shit isn’t happening, what do you do with yourself? Everyone says, “This is where the real work begins,” and it feels like a pretentious fucking joke, because you’re an antifascist, and you’re not doing shit. There is actually a lot to do, you must not be thinking hard enough, since you’ve gotten used to a leader, someone telling you what the move is.

Here are some ways to be a proactive AntiFascist:

Stop waiting for someone to tell you what to do. Were you relying on flyers? Plan a small thing. I know you have ideas. This doesn’t have to be a big, public thing. Build something for the next time there IS an action. Why put off those caltrops for the day before they’re needed? Make them today!

Learn a new skill. Don’t neglect learning how to use a slingshot, that shit takes time. You’re gonna hit a comrade if you wait. Learn to be an expert at something when you have time, not when the idea occurs to you, the week of an action.

Already an expert at something? Teach someone else. Be a good community member, and accept that we are all replaceable. We avoid leaders by skill sharing.

Do you know where fash are? Instead of going head on, MAYBE do something where they ARE NOT. Those flag waves are a real good opportunity to be where they aren’t. What precious things are they forgetting while they stand there with a Gadsden flag for intermittent honking?

Build a stronger AG. Maybe you became more militant, maybe they found a different niche, or they just turned out to be a goddamn radlib. Or maybe, those bonds just weakened through trauma, or from being too busy. Rebuild those relationships, get tight, do some planning, take care of each other.

TRAIN! Portland has become a city unwilling to do necessary harm, and only willing to defend itself while retreating. We’ve either lost the spirit of Little Beirut, or people need to train and be more competent fighters. The best self defense is to never get hit.

Train as a group. You are not going to become a world renowned, single human, fash basher. Not unless you’ve been fighting your whole life already. Secure an AG that’s focused on militancy, and train together. Focus on sparring as a group, working together, and getting each other out in emergency formations.

Start organizing if you’re really that bored. Organizing isn’t being a leader, it’s not telling people what to do, if you’re doing it right. Antifascist actions aren’t flyers. A lot of coordination goes into logistics and keeping people as safe as possible. Throwing a date and a time on a cool photo and saying “do whatever” ends in bloodshed. Organizing an action isn’t telling people what to do; it’s meeting with folks of diverse skills (real fucking opsec) and planting seeds.

Hit the books. What do you know about guerrilla warfare? Antifascist history? The last ten years in Portland antifascist history? Learn some shit, and then start applying it. What’s worked well? What’s failed? What does failure and success looks like to you, and your people?

Plan shenanigans you can do solo. Fuck with their monuments, sabotage their cars, break their AV equipment before they hit stages, tag their MMA gyms, make theirpicnic areas gross before they arrive, buy out all the ammo give it to marginalized people, so the fash can’t have it. and Plan for the worst. Who will know if you go missing after an antifascist event? Who should that person call? Do you want to write letters to your loved ones, just in case?

This shit isn’t fun, but IT IS necessary for every militant. And you’ll really wanna do it BEFORE YOU NEED IT. There is so much work to be done in between the big, organized, events, so lets take care of each other, and GET TO WORK!

What Is Eco-fascism and How Do We Fight It?

by Anonymous

What is Eco-Fascism?

Eco-fascism is essentially fascism adapted to climate change. It seeks to establish an ethnostate that would sacrifice minorities for its survival, and use authority to return to a supposed ‘natural order’. Eco-Fascists falsely believe that nature has inherent hierarchies and that these hierarchies should be implemented through force. It is the direction we’ve already begun to see fascists take in the event of climate disaster.

Take fall of 2020 in Oregon. Massive wildfires had broken out for a variety of reasons, none of which related to the ongoing protests happening in Portland at the time. Yet local far right militants still found ways to blame these forest fires on “antifa”.

In conjecture with this made up conspiracy, fascists set up armed checkpoints on roads leading in and out of towns affected by the fires. They were stopping everyone, and accusing strangers of being antifa, threatening them with weapons—An independent journalist from portland even caught a clackamas county deputy on video instructing militia members on how to get away with murder—with no reprocusions.

Meanwhile, anti-fascists and other individuals who participated in the summer 2020 protests were assisting in relief efforts for the fires. Including an emergency relief station setup by the EWOKS medic collective in Portland, and later Milwaukie.

Not everywhere has the mutual aid scene Portland has however. Elsewhere when natural disaster strikes, fascists will provide miniscule aid to their friends. They’ll use this as a photo op, furthering their appeal to the general populace in the event of coming climate crises.

How do we fight it?

The most simple method of fighting fascism is through direct confrontation. This can also be the most effective. What this often looks like is a large street brawl with objects being thrown and defensive measures being taken. It is important to be strategic while also never giving them an inch.

Sabotage can also be an effective method of deplatforming fascists. If their event space is unwelcoming to be in they might at the very least move, disrupting them. We saw this in Oregon City when the fascist event space was trashed with the smell of ammonia and livers; they were forced to change locations due to the smell.

In order to accomplish these feats we must unfortunately form uncomfortable alliances while also continuing to fight without compromise. The struggle for liberation is directly tied to the struggle against fascism and we must not work with those who seek to prevent total liberation.

Fascism of all branches must be properly identified and opposed at all costs. Thus we cannot continue calling our green anarchist comrades eco-fash while ignoring the very real danger of actual eco-fascism. Criticisms of anti-civ anarchy aside, falsely identifying individuals as fascists can have serious consequences, especially when there are actual fascists plotting and attacking right now.

For my fellow green anarchists however, we must be vigilant; the wolf may attempt to wear sheep’s clothing, but know that it only seeks to make a wolf out of you.

* * * * *